Grantee Guidance

Small Grantee Guidance

Creative Commons: Mitchell Tart

The Small Grant Program supports SCF’s 3 main objectives by providing grants that do not exceed $25,000 and are one-year in duration. Small Grant proposals are solicited twice a year through a request for proposal process; up to 10 projects may be funded from each request. There is no guarantee that the submission of a Small Grant proposal will lead to funding. 

Types of projects eligible for Small Grants include:

·  Emerging conservation opportunities; 

·  Small scientific studies, reports, or evaluations that are directly linked to efforts to advance shark and ray conservation policy; 

·  Scoping larger shark and ray conservation and management projects; and

·  Capacity building for small NGOs, especially in developing countries.

Priority will be given to:

  1. Applicants that have not previously received funding from the SCF;
  2. Projects that help implement the SCF’s investment strategy, especially projects that implement listings of sharks and rays on CITES;
  3. Projects that are directly linked to efforts to improve shark and ray conservation policy; and
  4. Small NGOs in developing countries.

Existing SCF grantees are not eligible to receive a Small Grant, but former SCF grantees are eligible. Only individuals, or groups of individuals, associated with a non-profit organization or an academic institution are eligible to receive funding. Undergraduate and graduate students may receive funding for discrete projects that will lead directly to improved shark and ray conservation and will produce results in one year. Only one application per entity will be considered if the applicant is a nonprofit organization, but multiple applications from individuals associated with an academic institution will be considered.