Small Grants

About SCF Small Grants

@HAK, Focused on Nature

SCF’s Small Grant program supports achieving its organizational objectives and builds NGO capacity around the world. These grants provide an excellent opportunity for small NGOs, especially in developing countries, to join SCF’s global shark conservation campaign. The threats facing the world’s sharks and rays are dire and require immediate action. So, as with all of our grants, small grants must have a direct connection to advancing shark and ray conservation in the near future. And to help ensure that Small Grant results are used for advancing management, we encourage applicants to partner with our larger national-level projects.

The Small Grant program supports SCF’s 3 primary objectives:

  1. Ensure effective regulation of global trade in shark and ray products through listing the top species of sharks and rays in global trade on CITES Appendices and implementing those listings; 
  2. Prevent the extinction of the most imperiled sharks and rays by enhancing legal protections in priority countries and at international forums; and
  3. Combat unsustainable shark and ray fishing globally through the adoption and implementation of conservation and management measures through international forums and in priority countries.