Our Strategy

Our Strategy

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As a dedicated shark conservation organization with a unique global strategy, Shark Conservation Fund is well positioned to achieve real and lasting change. We take a comprehensive approach to achieve maximum impact by deploying the full policy cycle – research, regulation, and enforcement. Aimed at achieving systemic change of shark and ray management on a transformative scale, we leverage our investment strategy to achieve three main objectives:


Goal: Adoption of 60 effective and science-based management measures across the globe that result in mortality reductions for species primarily threatened by trade.

Rationale: Trade in shark fins, meat, and other shark products is the primary driver of overfishing that is causing shark declines worldwide. SCF seeks to tackle this greatest obstacle to shark population recovery by ensuring fisheries supplying the global trade in shark products are sustainably and legally sourced.

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Goal: Conserve and restore at least 65 species of sharks that are threatened with extinction for which trade is not the main threat.

Rationale: Some shark species that are not threatened by commercial trade are particularly vulnerable to extinction because of their low population numbers and lack of management attention because they are found in a limited number of countries. SCF will ensure that these species receive special attention through our efforts to protect and enhance shark biodiversity.

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Goal: Identify and protect at least 50 sites important to sharks in new or modified marine protected and conserved areas.

Rationale: Healthy shark populations are strongly connected to well-functioning ecosystems. Shark populations will continue to decline without targeted policies limiting shark catch due to their extreme vulnerability to overfishing. Less than two percent of marine protected areas globally include any shark specific management. SCF will ensure important shark habitats worldwide receive the protections needed to limit catch to restore shark populations and to bolster broader marine ecosystem health.

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