A Scoping Study for Traceability Improvements in Singapore, a Globally Significant Trading Hub for Shark/Ray Products

Grantee Shannon Cosentino-Roush
Location Singapore
Grant Amount 25,000
Duration Five months
Type of Grant Small

This grant will support research into the current shark/ray supply chain and traceability practices/systems within Singapore in order to generate targeted recommendations for traceability improvement, as a tool to combat IUU fishing and improve CITES implementation. The project has the following specific objectives: 

  • Describe the flow of shark/ray products into, within, and out of Singapore; 
  • Identify the stakeholders and entities involved in the various supply chain stages and their interconnecting relationships and respective roles; 
  • Document the legal reporting and traceability requirements currently in place; and 
  • Identify current gaps and targeted recommendations to improve traceability.