Global Shark Trends

Professor Nick Dulvy, Co-Chair, IUCN Shark Specialist Group, Photo credit: Perry Zavitz
Grantee Simon Fraser University in support of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group
Location Global
Grant Amount $1,175,544
Duration Three years
Type of Grant Core

SCF funding will support the IUCN Shark Specialist Group’s development of a dashboard of global shark and ray indicators to track conservation outcomes at national, regional, and global scales. With these findings, the IUCN SSG will: 1) make the case for shark and ray conservation to the public; and 2) provide salient information to decision-makers to enable them to make appropriate conservation decisions. The team will develop a conservation priority model to combine Living Planet and Red List Indices with conservation likelihood indices and species distribution maps to identify those locations, and associated policy interventions, worthy of further conservation attention.  Development of these indices will require completion of comprehensive IUCN Red List reassessments (and retrospective assessments) of the extinction risk status of all 1,250 shark and ray species by end of 2020.