Maximizing Outcomes for Shark and Ray MPAs

Maximizing Outcomes for Shark and Ray MPAs

Creative Commons: Kevin Lino

Grantee James Cook University (JCU)
Location Australia
Grant Amount $583,015
Duration Two years
Type of Grant Core
Status: Completed

This grant will support research led by Professor Colin Simpfendorfer designed to provide decision-makers with a set of objective products that can be used to make informed decisions about the use of MPAs to improve conservation of sharks and rays. The scale of the products developed will range from national to global, with MPA sizes from sub-national to national, and representing coastal and open ocean areas. The project will include three different areas of work: 

1) development of spatially explicit models to enable prediction of where MPAs will be most useful in achieving conservation outcomes; 

2) use successes and failures of past and present MPAs to identify lessons learned;  

3) use project information to develop a set of socio-economic criteria for predicting and monitoring the success of MPAs.