Protecting Sharks and Rays in Australia

Grantee Humane Society International (HSI) – Australia
Type Conservation
Location Australia
Grant Amount AUD $1,180,000
Duration Three years

This grant supports efforts to protect sharks and rays in Australia, a global hotspot for endemic sharks and rays threatened with extinction. The HSI in collaboration with the Australian Marine Conservation Society will conduct a joint three-year program to secure legal, public and policy support to protect and conserve Australia’s endemic and migratory sharks. Specific activities will:

· Build public support and create political incentives for shark protection in Australian waters.

· Reduce the number of threatened sharks caught in Australian fisheries.

· Secure the listing of all threatened shark species under State and Federal laws, ensuring that threatened species protection for sharks is implemented effectively and assists in their recovery.

· Prevent the introduction of new and the expansion of existing shark culling programs, and transition existing shark control programs towards non-lethal technologies.