Sabah Shark and Ray Initiative 2019 - 2020

Grantee LEAP Spiral
Location Sabah, Malaysia
Grant Amount $353,838
Duration Two years
Type of Grant Core

The Sabah Shark and Ray Initiative aims to strengthen the conservation of sharks and rays in Sabah, Malaysia by improving legal and regulatory frameworks, addressing commercial and small-scale bycatch of sharks and rays, improving the effectiveness of marine protected areas, assessing the feasibility of one locally managed marine area - as a model for others in Malaysia, and promoting political action through raised awareness. In doing so, the grantee aims to promote long-term protection of sharks and rays at the national level. These goals will support the Department of Fisheries and other agencies to achieve the outcomes set out under the Malaysia National Plan of Action on Sharks. The Initiative is being coordinated by LEAP Spiral/Forever Sabah and includes the Marine Research Foundation, WWF-Malaysia, Shark Education Awareness and Survival (Scubajunkie Seas) and the Sabah Shark Protection Association.