Saving Sharks in Indonesia through Developing and Implementing Science-based Management Reforms

Grantee Wildlife Conservation Society
Location Indonesia
Grant Amount $1,646,444
Duration Three Years
Type of Grant Core

This grant supports a cross-cutting program of work which aims to deliver science-based fisheries and trade reforms for shark conservation in Indonesia: the world’s largest shark fishing nation.

More specifically, the grant supports the Wildlife Conservation Society and their partners to:
1. Enhance legal protection of sharks and overarching regulatory frameworks to manage fisheries and trade, with a focus on protecting threatened species and implementing CITES.
2. Tackle illegal and unsustainable trade in shark products, through building capacity to implement and enforce trade regulations for protected and CITES-listed species.
3. Tackle unsustainable fishing through working with government and community stakeholders to effectively implement fisheries management reforms in priority seascapes and fisheries.
4. Evaluate the impact of conservation interventions on shark species and fishing communities.

We anticipate this will lead to declines in fishing mortality of priority species, whilst also mitigating negative socio-economic impacts of shark conservation on small-scale fishing communities. This will represent some of the first examples of effective and well-evaluated shark management outside of advanced economy countries, from which lessons can be learned and applied to other similar fisheries in the country, region, and worldwide.