Securing the long-term conservation of Angelsharks in their stronghold of the Canary Islands

Grantee Zoological Society of London on behalf of the Angel Shark Project
Type Protect the most endangered sharks and rays
Location Canary Islands, Spain
Grant Amount $469,385
Duration 3 years

The Critically Endangered Angelshark (Squatina squatina) is part of the second most threatened family of sharks and rays in the world, but a unique Angelshark stronghold has been discovered in the Canary Islands. The Angel Shark Project will increase government capacity to better protect Angelsharks in this stronghold, through expanding partnerships and collecting much-needed data to inform management and enhance legal protection. They will also work alongside two core fisher groups to reduce incidental catch of the species, outputs of which will be incorporated into fisheries legislation. This work will be critical to deliver priority elements of the Angelshark Action Plan for the Canary Islands.