Sharks from the Interjurisdictional Marine Coastal Park Patagonia Austral (PIMCPA) -- A research and conservation initiative

Gaston Trobbiani
Grantee Argentinian Research Council
Location Argentina
Grant Amount 7,818
Duration One year
Type of Grant Small

In the South West Atlantic, available information to guide management and conservation initiatives is scarce or unavailable for the majority of species and regions, particularly for large-sized sharks. The conservation challenge of this project is to produce critical knowledge for management and conservation of shark populations from central Patagonia, Argentina. Methods develop this knowledge will include Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations, conventional tagging program and gathering Folk Ecological knowledge from expert recreational and artisanal fishermen of the region. We expect to influence fisheries regulations with the results and activities of this project, specifically the ban of shark killing, as well as create awareness of shark conservation needs among fishermen.