SharkTrack – Developing a Traceability System for Shark and Ray Products

Simon Lorenz / WWF-Hong Kong
Location Global
Grant Amount $329,095
Duration 2 years
Type of Grant Core

The “SharkTrack” project will develop an integrated traceability system whereby shark and shark products are tagged at the point of capture on the vessel. The products will be tagged so they can be tracked through the supply chain. Hence the project is developing the physical methods required as well as determining the requirements of computer platforms that will enable such traceability to occur.

Use of SharkTrack will enable legitimate traders to demonstrate that shark and ray products are from legal sources; help regulators, including those implementing CITES, to exclude products not meeting these criteria; and help businesses and consumers to identify legitimate shark and ray products. Positively identifying shark and ray products from legal sources will help shift trade and demand away from non-traceable sources, reduce illegal catch and help identify catch which is not being taken within managed fisheries.