Strengthening Shark and Ray Protections in Sabah, Malaysia

Creative Commons: Bernard Dupont
Grantee Sabah Shark Protection Association
Type Conservation
Location Sabah, Malaysia
Grant Amount $140,000
Duration One year

These funds will be used to strengthen the conservation of sharks and rays in Sabah, Malaysia by improving legal and regulatory frameworks. Specific activities include: 

  • Working with relevant government departments to ensure that endangered sharks and rays, including those listed under CITES, are fully protected under Malaysian (or Sabah) laws; 
  • Producing policy-relevant research on landings and ecotourism to support the legal work
  • Running a fact-based media campaign and educational programme to ensure information about sharks, rays and their regulation is widely disseminated in Sabah
  • Hosting the Sabah Sharks and Rays Conference 2018 at the end of the grant to provide a platform for:

a) government agencies to present progress,
b) project partners to present outcomes,
c) lesson sharing by regional experts, including other GPSRF grantees, and
d) a high-level panel to promote a progressive 2018-2022 agenda.