Assessing the Risk of Overexploitation of the Most Traded Species of Sharks and Rays

Simon Lorenz / WWF-Hong Kong
Location Global
Grant Amount $190,848
Duration 2 years

This project which will use a risk assessment method (M-Risk) that identifies which species are at risk of overexploitation and identifies which are the main parts of management that are missing and therefore putting these species at risk. The project will assess the risk for the most heavily traded species of sharks and rays and ascertain the most practical management interventions required. 

The project will be conducted in conjunction with the SCF funded project “Global Shark Trends” (led by Nick Dulvy, IUCN Shark Specialist Group Co-chair, Simon Fraser University, Canada). Through bringing out into the light and to the attention of managers the risk facing these species, we have a much better chance of having the management solutions needed introduced before its to late.